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Homemade bounty

This is probably my favorite homemade candy ever. All you need is:  200 ml coconut milk (or actually the creme) 200 g dark chocolate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 200 g of shredded… Continue reading

Cool chocolate birthday cake

Amandish is turning 1 year today and in honor of that, here’s a simple unhealthy-made-a-little-healthier kind of birthday cake! Also a very warm-hearted thank you, to all of you who follows Amandish and… Continue reading

Truffles (dairy- and glutenfree)

This coconut-chocolate recipe will end as delicious truffles that tastes like they were made on pure butter, but in fact it’s a lighter and more calorie-kind version. Absolutely yummy! All you need:  100… Continue reading