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Caramelized almonds

Last year Amandish wrapped up this┬ásugar almond recipe, but this year let’s take it up a notch and caramelize some almonds. It’s like christmas in a bag! All you need: 2 dl of… Continue reading


How about some easy-in-the-making cookies, with no added sugar? Well here ya’ go. All you need: 200 g of oats 50 g of chopped almonds 50 g of chopped hazelnuts 2 bananas 1… Continue reading

Cool chocolate birthday cake

Amandish is turning 1 year today and in honor of that, here’s a simple unhealthy-made-a-little-healthier kind of birthday cake! Also a very warm-hearted thank you, to all of you who follows Amandish and… Continue reading


I always think that if you have to stuff your head with christmas candy and so, might as well be with something that’s (also) a little healthy or good to your body. I… Continue reading

Nordic Nut Bread

I’ve been a little hesitant regarding the sharing this bread, because it is a little expensive and that goes against one of the main Amandish rules. BUT I recently made it again and… Continue reading

Almond milk

In my search for lactose-free options besides soy milk and rice milk, I came across this easy and fearly cheap solution: homemade almond milk! These things usually costs a lot per liter, which… Continue reading