Homemade bounty

This is probably my favorite homemade candy ever. All you need is:  200 ml coconut milk (or actually the creme) 200 g dark chocolate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 200 g of shredded… Continue reading

Stuffed bell peppers

Last night I made this super easy and tasteful side dish. A little something to, for example, replace potatoes or pasta with. All you need: 2 bell peppers in color of your choice… Continue reading


This is a super easy and no-brainer dinner.   All you need: 2 eggs whipped together A handful of long spaghetti A couple of sun-dried tomatoes A quarter of a courgette, sliced ½… Continue reading


How about some easy-in-the-making cookies, with no added sugar? Well here ya’ go. All you need: 200 g of oats 50 g of chopped almonds 50 g of chopped hazelnuts 2 bananas 1… Continue reading


Here’s a little something for the hot summer days, that are hopefully soon to come!  All you need (for about 4 servings) is: 6 organic lemons 1 dl of cane sugar Fresh mint… Continue reading

Green veggie bowl

Super easy – super healthy and delicious! Here’s another 20-minute meal! What you need: Courghetti (1 courgette in strips) 1 dl sesame seeds 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar 3 handfuls of fresh spinach Half… Continue reading

Cool chocolate birthday cake

Amandish is turning 1 year today and in honor of that, here’s a simple unhealthy-made-a-little-healthier kind of birthday cake! Also a very warm-hearted thank you, to all of you who follows Amandish and… Continue reading

Truffles (dairy- and glutenfree)

This coconut-chocolate recipe will end as delicious truffles that tastes like they were made on pure butter, but in fact it’s a lighter and more calorie-kind version. Absolutely yummy! All you need:  100… Continue reading


This recipe is so easy I have to make a new category for it here on Amandish: 10-minute meal. So whether you’re running late for a cooking-date or just need some easy dinner,… Continue reading

No-time-turkey and bulgur salad

This recipe is a healthy, 20-minutes max in the making kind of dinner – and it will also do for a nice lunch the day after.   All you need for about 3… Continue reading