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This recipe is so easy that when I made it I laughed. In Denmark peanutbutter isn’t really a thing. Most people know of it, but it’s not common to eat or use in… Continue reading

Homemade pesto

Pesto is like an all-time favorite thing to have in the kitchen! I use it on pastas, in pizzas and  it’s mandatory in a good sandwich! Also the oil, which is normally a… Continue reading

Pancakes (gluten- and lactose free)

I made a delicious recipe for pancakes that is for the lactose- and gluten intolerant peeps also. And here it is! They’re ‘chocolate’, creamy and really good with fresh fruit. All you need is:… Continue reading

Onion keish

There was a time when I hated onions. Like really hated. But over the past year they’ve started to grow on me, but it’s all about proportion or mixing it in the right kind of… Continue reading

Homemade crispbread

Crispbread is originally a Swedish thing, but I believe well known around, at least in Europe. It’s a great alternative for regular bread or just as a mid-day snack. And this version is 100 % gluten-free… Continue reading