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This recipe is so easy that when I made it I laughed. In Denmark peanutbutter isn’t really a thing. Most people know of it, but it’s not common to eat or use in… Continue reading

Homemade pesto

Pesto is like an all-time favorite thing to have in the kitchen! I use it on pastas, in pizzas and  it’s mandatory in a good sandwich! Also the oil, which is normally a… Continue reading

Pancakes (gluten- and lactose free)

I made a delicious recipe for pancakes that is for the lactose- and gluten intolerant peeps also. And here it is! They’re ‘chocolate’, creamy and really good with fresh fruit. All you need is:… Continue reading

Healthy Nutella

Someone asked me if I’d tried healthy nutella and I thought how can such a thing ever become healthy (or easy to make)? Truth is it can be and is both – and… Continue reading

Cauliflower pizza!

This week I made one of my favorite unhealthy-made-healthy dishes. It’s pizza, no doubt, it’s just made of cauliflower and not regular dough. Give it a try before you toss it – I’ve never… Continue reading

Homemade crispbread

Crispbread is originally a Swedish thing, but I believe well known around, at least in Europe. It’s a great alternative for regular bread or just as a mid-day snack. And this version is 100 % gluten-free… Continue reading