Potato-leek soup

YummiWith these simple ingredients you can make this delicious and classic soup. Perfect as both starter and dinner.

All you need:

5 potatoes
2 leeks
1 onion
1 cube of vegetable broth

Creme fraiche (or a soybased alternative)
Bacon (feta is a good substitute if you wanna keep it vegetarian)
Green toppings like salad or sugar snaps.


What you gotta do:

  1. Clean and cut your veggies, put them in a pot with the broth and cover with water.
  2. Heat until the boiling point and let it simmer for about 20 minutes or until the veggies are soft.
  3. Separate water and vegetables and turn it into soup using a hand blender. Add the water until you get the consistency you like for your soup.
  4. Put the pot back on the heat and stir while adding salt and pepper until you get a flavorable soup 😉
  5. Serve with either roasted bacon or feta cheese, creme fraiche and greens sprinkled on top.