I always think that if you have to stuff your head with christmas candy and so, might as well be with something that’s (also) a little healthy or good to your body. I therefore made sugar-almonds this year. It’s simple and delicious!


The 3 simple ingredients:

200 g of almonds
3 dl of icing sugar
1 dl of water


What you gotta do:Sugar almonds for the win

Put all of the ingredients in a pan and roast it while stirring in it.

The ingredients will undergo about 3 stages before it’s done:

First off, everything will look like almonds in glaze. Just keep stirring.

Secondly it will look like almonds in flour. Stir stir stir the clock.

Third, the icing sugar will bind together in little lumps and it’s about now it’s all good.

Turn of the heat and pour the almonds on a baking sheet. Separate the biggest lumps will it’s still hot and then just wait for it to cool and then you can enjoy. Should there be any left by the time you’re done “tasting”, keep them in an air-tight jar or a bag.


Enjoy and merry christmas!



It's allll good!