Elderberry lemonade

Fall is coming, though I’m not truly ready to admit it. But with this warm elderberry lemonade, I might just be okay with darker nights and colder weather!
The recipe itself is fairly simple and it gives you the opportunity to spend a day in the woods (or in the supermarket), collecting these wild berries and turn them into a ‘grandmothers specialty’.

First things first and let me start off with giving the best tip of ’em all: Don’t wear white at any time, while making this recipe – unless you have extreme skills in not messing up. Once the juice of these berries are on your clothes, it won’t get off!

Secondly: If you go for the berries in the woods or wild, please do make sure you got the right kind. In Denmark they grow pretty much everywhere this time a year, but if you’re doubting wether or not it’s the right kind you’ve seen, do a little research!


Now, here’s what you need for your recipe: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

2 kg of elderberries
5-6 apples
1 L of water
500 g of cane sugar
The juice of 1 lemon
Optional: cinnamon

An old tea towel
A colander (or sieve)
A big bowl



What you gotta do:

1. If you go for wild berries, you have to clean them out first. Put all them in a big bowl and rinse them in cold water.
If you’re not too fond of spiders, like me, put them in the sink – it’s then easier to spot the creatures and escort them out the window. Pick off the biggest stems and put the berries in a big pot.

2This is gonna be good!. Peel your apples and cut them in large quarters, throw them in the  pot too and add 1 liter of water.

3. Let it boil on the stove and let it boil for at least 15-20 min. This is  not a raw-kinda-berry for smoothie lovers, at all!

4. Get your tea towel, the colander and a big bowl. Put your towel in  the colander with the bowl underneath.








5. Carefully let the lemonade run through the tea towel and end with  all the fruits so you can squeeze the last juice out of them, just by  twisting the tea towel.

6. Now pour the lemonade back into the clean pot, add sugar and  lemon juice (cinnamon for christmasy twist!) and let it simmer until
the  sugar is completely dissolved.

7. Get some nice glass bottles (I use old wine bottles that has been cleaned a couple of times with soap first and boiled water) and fill them with your warm lemonade. The cleaner the bottles, the longer your lemonade will stay good. If you wanna make sure it stays good for a longer time, you can use preservative like Atamon, but honestly this is so good it won’t have to stay bottled up for long!

Now, whenever you want a cup of warm niceness, take it out the fridge and heat it in a pot! If it’s too strong, just add a little more water while heating.

On a site-note elderberry has been known to prevent diseases like the flu, colds and are a rich source of A-, E- and C-vitamin.





Deliciousness bottled up!