Easy, healthy ice-cream

The thought of summer-fruit season almost being over makes me feel sad. I know that now-a-days you can eat strawberries in december, but a part of my kitchen principles is to eat according to seasons, in order to not support ‘fake-made’ food and use what nature naturally provides.

Luckily I have an easy recipe for homemade ice-cream, that gives you and me an opportunity to preserve the fresh summer taste, just a little longer.

All you need is:

100-200 g berries of choice (I used fresh blueberries. They are in season until end september)
500 g of greek yoghurt
Honey to sweeten with
A little handful of chopped chocolate (if desired. But really, who doesn’t desire chocolate?)

Little cups to form and freeze the ice-cream in. If you don’t have any fabricated for the purpose, a plastic Tupperware and a teaspoon will do!


Here’s what you gotta do: Let's deny winter!

1. Get out your lovely blender, put your berries and yoghurt in and crank it up. Add honey until you are satisfied with the taste – how much you need, really depends on the sweetness of the berries.

2. Sprinkle a little chocolate into the bottom of the cup and fill your colorful ice-cream mix on top of it. Put on what ever lid you have and freeze it for a day or so.

3. When ever you feel like denying winter, just take out your berry-adventure and enjoy!





Enjoy / Velbekommen



What's not to like?