Key-Lime Pie

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make something delicious and healthy and then just store it in your freezer, until a day you get unexpected visitors, whom you’d like to offer something, well, delicious and healthy? It’s here. I call it key-lime pie!

All you need:

200 g of crumbled Digestive biscuits
75 g melted butter
1 table-spoon sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon


2 egg yolks
2 apples
1 big table-spoon of honey
The juice of 3 limes
1 table-spoon of lime zest
3 egg whites
3 table spoons of sugar

1/4 l of whipped cream


First things first – peel the apples, cut them in little quarters and heat them in a pot with just a little bit of water. While that’s getting soft and smooth, it’s time to begin with the bottom.


It's almost nuts, but really just biscuits 1. Crush your biscuits in a bowl. I crush them into bigger pieces first and then use the bottom of a glass to crush it into smaller pieces. Then add you melted butter, sugar and cinnamon.

2. Put baking paper in your flan dish of choice. What ever you do, don’t cut the baking paper into the same shape, you’ll need the sides of it later. Just fold it as much as possible around the sites.

3. Fill the dish with the ‘cake batter’ and press it unto the baking paper and make a little high edge too. Bake it in the oven at 175 degrees for 15 min.  Let it cool down afterwards.
Once done baking, remove the baking paper and put the biscuit bottom back into the dish. Don’t bother if it gets a little separated when you remove the baking paper, you’ll have to bake it again. Just press the ‘batter’ back together.





Apple puree


4. When the apples are easy to crush, turn of the heat. Use a hand mixer to make puree of it. Now add 1 table-spoon of honey to it, 2 eggs yolks and the lime juice.

5. Take a bigger pot, fill it half way with water, heat it and then put  your small pot with the apple puree in it. Heat it while  stirring for a couple of minutes. Add lime zest and take it off the heat.

6. Whip egg whites and sugar together for about a couple of minutes. Mix it with the apple puree and pour it over the biscuit bottom. Bake in the oven again for 15 min at 175 degrees. 



apple puree deliciousness



Once it’s done baking, take it out of the dish, wrap it in the baking paper, maybe a bag or tinfoil, and put it in the freezer until you want to serve it.

Take it out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving, add a layer of whipped cream and whatever toppings you like.
I choose rainbow-colored fruits, but a good (and cheaper!) option is lime zest. Also delicious and fresh!





Enjoy / Velbekomme


Ps. this recipe has substituted a lot of sugar with simply apples and honey. A similar recipe would use 125 g of sugar instead of 2 apples and honey. Just saying…


Rainbow deliciousness