Veggie burger (Amandish favorite!)

A friend of mine made me a version of this burger and I melt a little every time I taste it. It. Is. Delicious! I am one to otherwise appreciate a full-on burger on a hangover sunday, but this is a real deal too, that I could go for any time any day.

All you need:

1 can of red beans
3 tablespoon of oil
3 tablespoon of flour
3 teaspoons of taco spice
A pinch of coriander
1 red paprika
1 red onion
1 courgette
150 g of mushrooms
1,5 dl quinoa (boil it)

Bread/burger buns
Burger-salat of choice.


What you gotta do:Veggie burger (6)

Step 1: Blend/chop the onion, paprika, mushrooms, courgette and red beans into a fine mush. I chop onion and pabrika together first and squeeze it until I can’t get anymore water out of it. Do the same thing with your courgette – otherwise it will be impossible to make “steaks” out of it.



Step 2: StBurger time!ir all the chopped ingredients together in a bowl and add oil, spice, coriander, quinoa and flour. Form your “steaks” and flip them on the pan like you would with any other hamburger. They will take color like a regular steak, so it’s quite easy to see when they’ve had enough.





Burger salat for the win

Step 3: Get the things you wanna add to the burger. I always use something like this –>




Step 4: Put it all together, serve and enjoy! If you wanna make it a full burger with fries, cut some potatoes and bake them with oil in the oven with some spices! Just know that this burger fills you quickly because of the many ingredients.