Easter brunch vol. 2.0

So, just in time for a true easter-weekend, here is a second round of alternative brunch.

Turns out that coming up with an untraditional brunch is quite the challenge – in this one I tried avoiding milk-products. It’s easy to serve a lot of different kinds of cheese and call it the day, but in my search for making it calorie-friendly, I had to think outside that box.

I read the other day that a regular café brunch can cost you 3000 kcal. My regular intake is 2000 kcal for an entire day. Just saying. So I was happy to put a new full brunch together that could avoid a massive calorie trap.



  • Pumpkin seed buns
  • Citrus salad
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Salmon and chicken sausage
  • Omelet


This is a non-sticking, almost no-work kinda bun. Start your bun-fun the night before and keep it cool and growing through the night. It’s a non-sticky-fingers project and minimum of dishes kinda recipe!

Here’s what you need:

25 g yeast Bun-fun
0,5 L water
½ teaspoon of salt
2 dl dried pumpkin seeds
500 g flour (I mixed 250 g of white flour and 250 g of rye flour)

What you gotta do:

Mix all the above listed things in bowl, cover it with a little tea towel and keep it in the fridge through the night. On the morning of your brunch, take it out and with two spoons make 8-10 blobs of dough on a baking paper covered baking pan.

Put your oven on 225 degrees, cover the buns with a tea towel and let them rise on top of the oven for another 15 minutes. After that you bake ’em for 25-30 minutes.




The citrus salad is delicious, pretty, colorful and so easy to make.

 All you need is (for 3 little servings):Easter 1 (8)

3 citrus fruits of choice – I used 1 orange and 2 blood oranges
1 handful pumpkin seeds
A couple of mint leafs

What you gotta do:Easter 1 (4)

Slice your oranges, mix it on a plate, sprinkle the seeds and top off with a little green.









Chocolate covered strawberries. Strawberries

A great alternative to croissants or chocolate buns.

All you need is:


Dark chocolate

This can easily be made the night before as well. It needs to stay cool for at least 45 minutes. I kept it cool over night.

Take your strawberries and rinse them – I keep the green top to give the whole thing more color.

When chocolate it comes to melting the chocolate I really recommend warming it like this:
Take a pot and fill it with water. Turn on the heat and put in a little bowl with your chocolate. Make sure that the water doesn’t start to boil – this will make it hard keeping the chocolate-float under control. Keep it in until your chocolate is all melted.

If you heat the chocolate straight in the pot, you might risk it’ll burn and be hard to control not to mention that the chocolate might adopt a boring metal-flavour.

Once your chocolate is melted, take out the little bowl and put it on yoStrawberry awesomenessur working table. Let it cool a little before dipping and turning the strawberries in it. If it’s too hot when added it won’t stick and the strawberries will become soft underneath.

Put them on the plate you wanna serve it with and keep it in the fridge. Take it all out about 1 hour before eating.







As an alternative to bacon and beans I chose smoked salmon for the bread and heated a couple of chicken sausages on a pan – make them real crunchy and you won’t be missing bacon (as much).


Omelet – simply because I’m getting damn tiered of scrambled eggs and it wouldn’t be Amandish if there wasn’t any vegetables secretly added. This version is a true free-green! The recipe is for 1 omelet for 1 person.

All you need is:

Eggs (I used 2 per person)
1 handful of spinach
Some sugar snaps
tandoori spice (optional)

Tip: don’t ever use milk in your omelet/scramble eggs – your dish becomes so much more fluffy and firm without.

What you gotta do:

Whip the eggs together in a bowl and spice with salt and pepper.

Take your vegetables and give them a quick fry on the pan, adding a little tandoori.

Easter 1 (6)

Pour the eggs on top of it all and let it be, until the eggs are starting to take firm shape.

I always take the omelet off when it’s still a little fluid on top – it tastes better and won’t be as dry when served. Easter omelet

When putting it on a plate, flip half of it on top of the other.

Decorate it with chives and a sprinkle of tandoori.







Please do share thought’s and experiences on this whole brunch matter 🙂


Enjoy / Velbekomme



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