Sunday brunch

Ah, Sundays are the best, aren’t they?

Now easter is upon us, I know there’ll be a lot of brunchin’ and crunchin’. Those gatherings always end up in massive calorie intake, but during this upcoming week, Amandish will be serving just a couple of other options to the, otherwise well-known, easter-brunch-crunch.


The very first full menu:







First up, you gotta make coffee. Nothing happens if you aint got coffee. I like to make the french-press kinda coffee and for that I’ll share a little tip or two for making really great french-press. French-press

I used 4 table spoons of coffee for this.
Add boiled water and let it stand for 4 minutes – nothing more, nothing less.
Now, before pushing it down, take off the top, give it all a stir and remove the (bitter) foam of the top.
There you go – even greater french-press for your sunday!





Apple-eggs – if you think regular scramble eggs are getting a little old.

For this you need (2 persons):

½ an apple

1 teaspoon cinnamon

4 eggs tossed quickly together



What you gotta do:

Slice the apple in thin slices
Roast it quickly with cinnamon on a pan
Add the eggs and toss it around like you normally would.








Smoothie – always an easy, delicious and colorful add to any breakfast.


What you need:

1 banana
2 handfuls of berries (I used raspberry)
½ teaspoon of honey
Milk (regular or soy)

– just blend it all together, really.








Today’s berryBerry inspiration inspiration is just adding a little almond. It makes the kiwi a little more crunchy and was great on the pancakes.










Aaaah pancakes