Berry oatmeal (and the 5:2 diet)

I am currently trying out the 5:2 diet. Not with the purpose of losing weight, but this is where my curiosity has brought me, in my adventure for healthy and creative food. Also, how can I advise others in diets and healthy living, if I don’t really know what I’m talking about?

For those who don’t know the diet, it involves eating normal/like you want to 5 days a week, and for the 2 days a week, you eat a quarter of your regular calorie intake, which means 500-600 kcal for that day.
With that being said, Amandish will not be filled with dieting the upcoming many weeks, but some of the recipes however, will be inspired from the ‘2-days’, because they are insanely low on calories and can easily be one of your meals of the day. There might come a sum-up of the diet in the end, including an all-round opinion on it, but until then Amandish is kept diet-free.

The following recipe was my breakfast on a ‘2-day’ and though these amounts might not fill your stomach, adding just a little more of everything should get you there. I hope you like it.


Berry oatmeal

Here’s what you need:

1 dl of oat
2 dl of water
a pinch of salt
½ an apple

½ a kiwi
2 big strawberries
(Or other berries – blueberries work really well on this too!)


What you gotta do:

Put the first 3 ingredients together in a pot – grate the apple into and put it on the stove.



Give the whole thing a stir until it gets the consistency you like (2-5 minutes).


Once that’s done, serve it in a bowl of your choice and add the freshly cut kiwi and strawberries.
Notice how the grated apple will work as a sweetener in the meal.



And you know what they say: half an apple a day will keep half the doctor away.

Estimated amount of calories in the whole thing: 169 kcal.




Berry oatmeal