This recipe is so easy that when I made it I laughed.

In Denmark peanutbutter isn’t really a thing. Most people know of it, but it’s not common to eat or use in cooking. Also, the ones you can buy in Denmark aren’t good – they’re sticky and have a boring taste, which is a shame because peanuts are a brilliant source of proteins and the peanut-flavour do so well in many warm dishes too.
I know now that I will never buy pre-made peanutbutter again, after having discovered this recipe! So let’s get to it…

All you need is:

A bag of peanuts
– And that’s it!

Chop it!

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Take your bag of peanuts and put it in your blender.

2. Blend it.

I blended it for about 2-2½ minutes (using 150 grams of peanuts). After 1 minute it looks a little like this:

peanutbutter in the making

Just give it a little longer. The heat from the machine will help you really destroy the peanuts and make it smooth and creamy.
Once all that is done, well.. Voila and you got peanutbutter. It really is nuts!

Given that you haven’t added anything else, you don’t even have to keep it in the fridge, if you store it in a sealed jar. I keep mine in the fridge though, because I made it a little too smooth for my own taste and I wanted to bring back some firmness.
Now you have a homemade peanutbutter, that you know for sure doesn’t have weird fabric-added, unhealthy, E-numbered and fake ingredients. For me it’s even cheaper to make this way.

Enjoy! And don’t forget you can use different kinds of peanuts – I imagine honeyrosted peanuts might make a delicious butter too.