Homemade pesto

Pesto is like an all-time favorite thing to have in the kitchen! I use it on pastas, in pizzas and  it’s mandatory in a good sandwich! Also the oil, which is normally a no-no within healthy-talking, is never really heated in this dish, so you get the goods of the plant but no induced health-risk, which is normally a matter when talking oil for frying!


All you need is:All you need...

The leafs of a basil


A clove of garlic








Here’s what you do:

Put all of it in your blender or in a bowl using a hand blender to chop it!
You have to add the oil little by little, because it’s really a matter of how many leafs you are going to use, how much oil you will need. Also when you grind the leafs they’re gonna release water and that will help creating the smooth consistency.
Blend/chop it for a minute or so until it has the consistency you like!


In the end you’ll have a delicious pesto that you can use as a supplement to your already delicious meal!




I am currently experimenting with other pesto recipes, so if you like this you oughta come back for more.