Healthy Nutella

Someone asked me if I’d tried healthy nutella and I thought how can such a thing ever become healthy (or easy to make)?
Truth is it can be and is both – and on top of that also delicious! Like extremely delicious!
This recipe uses honey as a sweetener, which is actually my new favorite thing. Within nursing I’ve seen it cure ‘impossible’ wounds, but within food it’s a great, and healthier, alternative to pure sugar.



Here’s what you need:

100 grams of hazelnuts
10 grams of almonds (optional)
It's nuts Liquid honey (I used about 5 table spoons)
1-2 table spoons of pure cocoa , powder version
A little bit of milk (regular milk or soymilk)



1. Heat the nuts in the oven in 10 minutes 200 degrees

2. Peel the hazlenuts from its coat (it should be easy but if not roll it in a towel)

3. Put nuts, cocoa powder and 2-3 tablespoons of honey in a what ever kind of food grinder you own.

4. once it’s all chopped and beggining to look smooth I’ll switch to a bawl instead of the grinder – using only a dough scraper to stir with, you’ll have a really good grip of it all. Add the last honey and a little bit of milk to make it all creamy and the consistency you will like.

5. Cool it and eat it on some good bread – for example the crisp bread you could be making from this site too.







Definetly an unhealthy-made-healthy kinda thing! 



Enjoy / Velbekommen / Smakelijk