Almond milk

In my search for lactose-free options besides soy milk and rice milk, I came across this easy and fearly cheap solution: homemade almond milk!

These things usually costs a lot per liter, which is stupid to pay when 1 liter of the homemade kind can be done for 15 kr (3 €).

Here’s what you gotta do:
Get about 100 g of almonds, put them in a bowl of water and leave them overnight in your fridge.

almondmilk in the making
Peel or no peel? That’s up to you, I prefer to leave it on thus making it even easier!

By day 2 you put it in your blender and add 0,5-1 L of pure water (I used 0,6 L). I sometimes add just a Little sprinkle of vanilla-sugar, but it’s not a must!


Blend it – 1 minute.


Now comes the part that no one seems to agree: how to filter it? Mostly it’s recommended to buy real filters and cheese-press things and so. How about no?

I’ve used the good, old-fashioned and never disappointing coffee filter and a funnel. If you wanna fancy it up I’ve read that a clean and new nylon stocking will do the same. What ever you have laying around the house.



Note: everytime I pour a new round into the filter I change it to a new. They get soaked from the milk, thus easily breake, but by changing them you’ll avoid getting pulp in your drink. When it’s not flowing anymore, fold the filter and squeeze the rest out.
Once you’ve poured it all through there’s nothing left but to enjoy it!



almondmilk1A batch like this usually lasts 4-5 days in the fridge and is really delicious in the coffee!










Tip: I’ve used it on my morning oatmeal with some raisins and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut (coconut flour), it’s crazy delicious!

Enjoy / Velbekomme / Smakelijk