Cauliflower pizza!

This week I made one of my favorite unhealthy-made-healthy dishes. It’s pizza, no doubt, it’s just made of cauliflower and not regular dough. Give it a try before you toss it – I’ve never met anyone who didn’t LOVE it, even the very picky ones.
It’s an easy dish to “smuggle” huge amounts of vegetables in, without anyone noticing, or as I call it Free-Green opportunity!

For the “dough” you’ll need:

1 cauliflower
2-3 eggs
1 handfull of grated cheese

For the homemade tomato sauce you’ll need:

A couple of tomatoes and WHATEVER vegetables you’d like and salt/pepper!
I used ½ zucchini (sqaush), mushrooms, garlic, 1 onion, 1 carot and oregano. But honestly I never make the same tomato sauce twice!

Vegetables of choice!Sliced and diced!
First thing’s first: slice and dice everything for your sauce, put it in a pot with just a little drop of oil and heat it. Once it boils, turn the heat down and let it simmer until I say.

Now tear the cauliflower apart. My best friend here is the grater. It might be hard work, but really worth it (and the only really hard work in making this dish).
When that’s done add your eggs and the cheese and give it a stir until it’s all moist. Now put the whole thing on a baking pan with paper – I use my hands to straighten it out. Bake it for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees!

While waiting for the “dough” to show nice  brown spots, get your tomato sauce. If you feel that it’s gone soft it’s time to take it off the heat. Blend it into a nice sauce. If it’s too thick just add water until it’s something you can work with.


When the “dough” is ready take it out and poor your sauce onto it.

SauceAdd whatever you like to have on your pizza!

Bake it in the oven for another 12-15 minutes!

I added some spinach, serano ham, dried tomatoes, feta and a random artichoke pesto I found in my local supermarked!




Let me know if you – and/or the people you serve it to – liked it! So far it’s only been a hit in my household!





Enjoy / Velbekomme / Smakelijk