Onion keish

There was a time when I hated onions. Like really hated. But over the past year they’ve started to grow on me, but it’s all about proportion or mixing it in the right kind of dish. Onions (and garlic) are truly vegtables that’s worth adding to your cooking. Onions are full of antioxidants that supports your immune system, helps prevent heart attacks and cancer.

So cry away whilst cutting because it’ll all be in the name of your health.

All you need is: 
Keish dough (I buy it pre-made because it’s easy and I did crazy-baking-Sunday this weekend!)
2 big onions
1 tea spoon of oil
2 eggs
2 dl of milk (I used lactose free. Note: not soymilk, but literally lactosefree milk!)
Salt / Pepper / Nutmeg (in Danish muskatnød / in Dutch nootmuskaat)
A little bit of cheese
Optional: 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese (that’ll make it creamy)

Step 1:
Turn on your oven to 200 degrees.
Heat the oliveoil on a pan and heat the chopped onions for about 4 minutes. You don’t wanna get them too fried, only a little soft.

Step 2:
Mix eggs, milk, cottage cheese and your spices
Put the dough in a keish dish of your choice
Add the onions and pour the egg/milk mix over it
It looks a little like this:
Step 3:
Add a little bit of cheese on top. If you want grated cheese, then that’s what you add.
If you’re like me and don’t really care, a regular slice of cheese never hurt anyone.
Now put it on top and gently fold those dough edges
Ain't nobody got time for burned edges!
Step 4:
Put it in the oven
Wait 35 minutes


For side dishes go for a vegetable of choice/season.

Special thanks to Frits for showing me that I actually do like onion keish!