Homemade crispbread

Crispbread is originally a Swedish thing, but I believe well known around, at least in Europe. It’s a great alternative for regular bread or just as a mid-day snack. And this version is 100 % gluten-free and lactose free. Further more it is delicious and will cover a big part of your daily intake of fibers.

All you need is:

2 dl linseed  –  1 ½ dl pumpkin seeds  – 1 dl sesame seeds  –  1 dl sunflower seeds  –  1 tea spoon of salt  – 1 egg and 1½ dl water.





Now, mix everything together and give it a stir. Leave it soaking for 1 hour. Never mind that it looks pretty wet – the linseed will soak it.

After that you just spread it out on a pan covered with baking paper.

I try to “draw” little lines in the dough to ease the cutting after baking it.



Bake it for 2 hours at 125 degrees celcius





And then enjoy!



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